NatWest partners Qudini for virtual queuing tech

NatWest is introducing a ‘virtual queue’ option across its branch network through a new partnership with software developer, Qudini.

The system is currently being trialled across 178 branches and set to be rolled out wider in 2021.

Since March, the banking group said it had seen a ​significant increase in customers using their digital, mobile, and online support ​channels.

With this latest technology in place, when customers do need to visit a branch they can join a virtual queue when needed by scanning a QR code.

Customers will then be provided with a queue position. If a certain branch is particularly busy at the time a customer visits, they can leave the branch and be alerted by text message when their appointment time is due.

The bank recently launched ‘Banking My Way’ which allows customers to request how they want to be served using personalised feedback.

The service helps customers who need additional support by enabling them to request bespoke assistance and has received over 38,000 registrations since its launch.

Customers can make specific requests which could include requesting a quiet space when they visit a branch, being spoken to more clearly and slowly or request a translator.

Marcelino Castrillo, managing director of customer engagement and distribution at NatWest said: “When a customer visits a branch, we want to ensure two things: that they feel safe and we’re providing them with a seamless, helpful service.

“We have introduced a new virtual queuing system, when it’s required, to provide a more efficient service for our customers. This gives the customer flexibility and the ability to manage their time whilst visiting the branch.”

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