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Sunday 21 October 2018


Wells Fargo pilots online ‘Control Tower’

Written by Chris Lemmon

Wells Fargo has unveiled a new digital banking experience to provide customers with a single view of their ‘digital financial footprint’.

The new ‘Control Tower’ will provide customers with a view of where their Wells Fargo card or account information is connected (such as recurring payments, third parties, mobile wallets, devices, subscriptions etc) — and will enable customers to control when and where their Wells Fargo account is shared via an on/off function from one single, convenient, and secure place.

Tim Sloan, Wells Fargo president and CEO, said: “Customers currently have their payment information stored in numerous places online. If you lose a card or want to update a billing address, you’re expected to go on a journey of self-discovery to remember all the different places your financial information is stored, which can be time consuming and complex.

“Wells Fargo is re-imagining the future of personal finance to deliver an experience that is secure and convenient and provides customers a central hub for better control, simplicity and transparency.”

Wells Fargo has also been introducing other innovations to simplify and enhance the customer experience. These enhancements include the launch of Zelle person-to-person payments, data exchange agreements with several popular financial management tools, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot experience pilot for Facebook messenger, digital wallets and more.

Control Tower will pilot later this year with Wells Fargo staff, before being launched to the public in 2018.

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