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Friday 27 April 2018


Credit Suisse upgrades e-banking platform

Written by Chris Lemmon

Credit Suisse has completed a revamp of its online banking platform for customers, enabling them to complete payments significantly faster and customise their online banking experience.

The platform has been overhauled in recent months and aligned with the current needs of Credit Suisse’s clients. The bank chose a user-centric design approach and worked closely with clients from the different segments. Over 1,000 individuals and 300 companies were asked about their requirements through a combination of surveys and workshops, enabling them to input their ideas from an early stage and on an ongoing basis.

After a pilot phase lasting several weeks, during which further client feedback was obtained and included in the final stages of development, the platform went live this week.

A multibanking function enables corporate clients to display the accounts they hold with other banks in a single overview on the Credit Suisse portal. Additional banking relationships can be included in just a few clicks; once an account with a third-party bank has been successfully integrated, these account balances and movements are displayed visually in the same way as those of the Credit Suisse accounts.

Didier Denat, head of corporate & investment banking at Credit Suisse, said: “Credit Suisse Direct Business is the first step in the implementation of our vision: an efficient, modular, and intuitive interface that covers all of our clients' requirements with regard to banking services. The innovative functionalities of the new corporate client portal are a reflection of the demanding requirements of our Swiss corporate clients in terms of flexibility, speed, and transparency.”

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