By Scott Thompson

Citi has launched a Facebook application aimed at users of its ThankYou loyalty programme.

The app allows members who are Facebook friends to pool their points together and use their points' collective value towards a shared goal or reward.

"As our ThankYou members imagine all the ways to use their points this year, this app extends the possibilities," says Ralph Andretta, head of co brands and loyalty at Citi Cards. "With the new ability to pool points together through their social networks, members can rally their friends towards a bigger reward – whether they are interested in combining points to book a weekend getaway or supporting a common cause."

To mark the launch, the US bank is giving 10 million ThankYou points to qualifying members on Facebook. The first 4,000 members to link the app to their personal Facebook page before 11:59 p.m. ET on 3 February will receive 2,500 ThankYou points. They can use these towards a number of rewards, such as digital books and music downloads.

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