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Sunday 21 October 2018


Bankart to bring real-time payments to Slovenia

Written by Chris Lemmon

Slovenia’s Bankart has signed an agreement with Nets to deploy and operate an instant payments solution for financial institutions in the country to handle both SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) non-urgent and SCT instant credit transfers.

Bankart intends to deliver more than a basic payments infrastructure to the Slovenian banking community by developing and operating new additional services and solutions as well making full use of the scalable and open central infrastructure solution supplied by Nets.

Aleksander Kurtevski, managing director of Bankart, said: “Our ambition is to lay a future proof foundation for a whole new eco-system that will ensure new innovative services to be deployed by our customer banks, and ensure that the Slovenian community will have services which are both competitive and cost effective and at the same time enables the best user experience both in day to day banking and commerce.

“We have partnered up with Nets because we together can deliver on scalable, resilient and robust services and at the same time ensuring a high degree of flexibility. Nets has not only proven they have a leading, proven solution but also that they are a highly skilled and professional partner.”

Paul Francis Walvik-Joynt, vice president at Nets’ Clearing Services division, added: “We are honoured to be an integral part of Bankart's new eco-system and we are very excited to work with a customer with strong focus on bringing new innovative services to market.”

The new system is planned to go live in September 2018 and will be operated from Nets' data centres in Norway.

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