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Established 1995
Sunday 01 November 2020


Enhancing Disruptor Fintechs

The last ten years have seen tremendous changes in the financial services sector and this rate of change seems likely to keep growing.

Traditionally the large clearing banks have been the predominant major players in the financial services sector until now. While other financial organisations existed, they generally acted in a support capacity or as an extension of the services provided by banks.

However, banks are now finding that they are losing business to VC-funded, agile, lightly-regulated fintechs entering the market with better products and better technology.

This paper will discuss the common challenges we believe these new fintech disruptors will face in 2019. It looks at the five main categories of disruptor in the market and the importance of having adequate back office to support and connect with their internal and external systems to ensure efficient client money management, segregation and adherence to regulation. The categories include:

    •    E-money Institutions
    •    Payment Service Providers (PSP)
    •    Foreign Exchange (FX)
    •    Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and Crowdfunders
    •    Spread Betting and CFD Trading

Download the full paper to learn more.

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