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Tuesday 02 June 2020


Your users want unlimited, anytime access to the files they rely on to get deals done. You, on the other hand, are charged with protecting your firm’s most sensitive data. Don’t let unstructured content become your data security blind spot. A cloud-first content governance approach lets users securely share sensitive files, while providing needed visibility and control to IT.

Get the e-book ‘4 Must Haves for Cloud-First Content Governance’ and get on the path to sustainable data governance by:

    •    Managing the entire data lifecycle, so you can keep track of all your sensitive data, from the day it is created to the day it is retired.
    •    Finding your most sensitive content, so that you can scan and automatically classify sensitive information even if it’s buried deep within a document.
    •    Promoting comprehensive compliance coverage, so that you can easily resolve any issues.
    •    Achieving rapid time-to-value deployment, enabling you to start scanning data instantly while predicting long-term costs and deploying new features—even if your           business is a team of one.

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