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Past events

Please see below for some of our previous events:

FStech Roundtable: Intelligence led security - sponsored by FireEye
Financial institutions are a common target for cyber criminals, with some of the most damaging breaches appearing in the public eye, quickly ruining hard-earned reputations and costing millions from the bottom line. Security needs to be viewed as a process that constantly evolves over time, in response to the changing threat landscape and new technology.

FStech Roundtable: Visibility in digital experience - sponsored by Riverbed
With advances in digital services and interactions, if financial services organisations are found to be lacking in the tech department, they will quickly find themselves losing valuable customers. How to stay ahead of consumer demand and ensure the best experience?

FStech Roundtable: Taking stock, a month on from GDPR - sponsored by Opentext
Almost a month after the intrdoduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) what’s changed in financial services under the new rules?

FStech Roundtable: Is GDPR the End of Big Data Analytics, Cloud & Blockchain? - Sponsored by Hitachi
Financial service organisations increasingly rely on decentralised/distributed activities like Big Data analytics, cloud processing and blockchain to generate new value, differentiate themselves from competitors, and create economies of scale.

FStech Roundtable: Driving Quality@Speed in a Digital Age - Sponsored by Cognizant
Customers now demand products and services of high quality, right at the time of need. As a response, banking and financial service organisations have developed a suite of digital channels, and implemented massive changes in the way they conduct business.

FStech Roundtable: FinTech & Regtech, Let’s Talk Supervision: Freedom with Responsibility - Sponsored by Actiance
How can you control communications in an age of social media, messaging and mobile? Under increasing scrutiny from regulators and new methods of transmission, the need to be compliant and the ability to do so are moving further apart.

FStech Roundtable: Fintech and RegTech, a valuable partnership - Sponsored by Hitachi
Financial service organisations face increasing challenges with their regulatory obligations, and fragmented manual systems can lack meaningful enough data for transparency and reporting. Digitisation, automation, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and predictive capabilities all provide potential solutions, but if incorrectly applied the cure can be worse than the disease.

FStech Roundtable: Smart Marketing in the Highly Regulated Financial Services Sector
Increased regulation and advances in technology are forcing marketing professionals of financial services firms to adapt. How has marketing changed over the years? What are the issues facing marketeers and can technology really shape the future of the sector?

FStech Roundtable: Tackling Information Governance
Data continues to grow at a staggering rate, and many organisations are struggling to get a grip on data regulations, making the risks of non-compliance or security breaches more likely. What are the legal obligations for governing data and what are the challenges posed by social media and other new communication channels?

FStech Debate: Post-Brexit Financial Services 
The implications for financial services and technology in a post-Brexit environment could be huge. Renegotiations between the UK and the EU are likely to be a long and complex process. What are the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and how can financial institutions prepare in this uncertain time? How will the rise of technology influence change in this period?

FStech Roundtable: Digital Inside Out
Britain is moving towards becoming a ‘digital first’ nation, but how is this trend affecting end-to-end digitisation within financial services, and what does it mean for businesses in the sector, their customers and their employees?

FStech Roundtable: The Workplace of 2020
During a period of unprecedented disruption for financial institutions, technology investments have often been focused on customer-facing IT. But how are FS organisations responding to workplace changes, and looking at how technology can meet current and future employee requirements?

FStech Roundtable: Modernising Legacy Systems Whilst Driving Innovation
Many financial service companies are embarking on core transformation projects. However, modernising legacy systems is often a heavy, slow and problematic process, with compliance requirements and data complexity adding a further layer of difficulty. If firms fail to deliver the programmes designed to unlock innovation, they risk falling behind.