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Past events

Please see below for some of our previous events:

FStech Roundtable Dinner: Customer communications in focus: How are FS providers driving automation and taking personalisation in customer communications across digital channels to the next level? - Sponsored by OpenText

This roundtable with senior industry peers will explore the key challenges for financial services providers as they look to use data and automation to build the future of omnichannel customer communications.

FStech Roundtable Dinner: Knowing your customer: How are FSIs using AI & biometric authentication to provide a seamless customer experience and crack down on fraud? - Sponsored by Nuance

Stopping the fraudsters in their tracks has always been at the top of the list of ‘necessary evils’ for Financial Services Institutions (FSIs). But as the criminals step up their attacks across digital channels, keeping customers’ money and data safe has never been more important.

FStech Roundtable Dinner: The evolution of payments fraud: How are firms leveraging cloud in a changing fraud landscape? - sponsored by Bottomline

This roundtable with industry peers will focus on the key challenges and opportunities financial services leaders face as they attempt to use and leverage cloud infrastructures in the fight against fraud.

FStech Roundtable Dinner: Beyond payments: How are FSIs and Corporates preparing for the transition to ISO20022 and leveraging the business advantages of payments modernisation? sponsored by OpenText

As high value payments systems across Europe begin mandating adoption of SWIFT’s ISO20022 standard by November 2022, corporate clients are being pulled along faster than their own 2025 deadline, when key messages in cross-border and cash reporting payments will be decommissioned.

FStech Roundtable Dinner: Barriers to BNPL: How are FSIs overcoming key challenges in delivering BNPL and embedded finance through use of APIs? - sponsored by Mendix

The explosive growth of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is transforming the payments, financial services, and retail industries at breakneck speed, with customers now expecting seamless and personalised services at the touch of a button wherever and however they want to pay.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Data mesh myths vs reality : How are FS organisations using data management, automation and analytics to drive business transformation? - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

This digital roundtable featuring subject matter expert Suranjan Som, Vice President, Financial Services Leader EMEA at Hitachi Vantara will explore the key challenges for financial services firms as they look to connect and leverage their data to drive business transformation and look at the myths and realities surrounding the concept of a data mesh and how it can be deployed.  

FStech Roundtable Dinner: Knowing your customer: How are FSIs using AI & biometric authentication to crack down on fraud and provide a seamless customer experience? - sponsored by Nuance

Stopping the fraudsters in their tracks has always been at the top of the list of ‘necessary evils’ for Financial Services Institutions (FSIs). But as the criminals step up their attacks with more sophisticated methods, keeping customers’ money and data safe has become mission critical.

FStech Roundtable Dinner: Insider fraud risk: How are FSIs identifying the signs of insider fraud and collusion with outside actors in an increasingly complex risk landscape? - sponsored by Bottomline

Insider fraud has always been a thorny issue for Financial Services Institutions (FSIs), but with the rise in remote working, companies are having to work harder than ever to protect their systems, data and customers from the risk that an employee could go rogue at any time.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Smart Data Challenge: How are financial services firms using data to drive innovation and keep up with the digital disruptors? - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

This digital roundtable will explore key topics in data and automation in financial services including: the rise of digital services, data management and data privacy risk, AI and analytics, compliance and business strategy and the current roadblocks to transformation.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The modern data compliance dilemma: What are the best strategies for leveraging data and automation while managing compliance risk in financial services? - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

This digital roundtable with industry peers will explore challenges and strategies for financial services providers as they tackle compliance risk and data governance across the organisation while dealing with ever growing volumes of data.

FStech Roundtable: Data & Analytics in Focus: How are FSIs using modern data platforms to derive insights, understand user behaviour and tackle compliance? - sponsored by HCL

The tidal wave of digital financial services driven by the pandemic has put data and analytics squarely at the centre of growth strategies for FSIs. But as customers demand ever-more personalised and efficient products and services many firms are struggling to keep up, with vital data stuck in silos and legacy systems making it a near impossible challenge to draw out key insights.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The modern data dilemma: How are FSIs using real-time data and automation to provide more personalised customer experiences while managing digital transformation risk? - sponsored by Confluent

In the on-demand economy, customers are able to access personalised offers for loans, credit cards and insurance deals at the click of a button. But as a new generation of FinTechs continues to roll out innovative products and services at breakneck speed, the pace of change is straining the technical teams of more established FSIs, who are under pressure to keep up – or risk losing their market share.

FStech Roundtable: Data in focus: Is simplifying the data landscape an aspiration or a reality for FSIs? - sponsored by InterSystems

In the last 12 months, a digital tidal wave has hit financial services, leading to a corresponding surge in data volumes. And as the data landscape becomes more complex, many financial services providers are under pressure to ensure that more data translates into greater value for the customer and better business decision making.

FStech Digital Roundtable: ISO 20022: How are Banks & FIs using the new standard as a catalyst for digital payments transformation? - sponsored by Bottomline

This interactive roundtable will bring together senior experts from across the UK payments landscape to explore the key challenges for FIs in implementing SWIFT’s ISO 20022 and the wider strategic and operational impact this transformation could have across the business.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Building the Hybrid Workplace: How are FSIs Securing Digital Collaboration Platforms such as Microsoft 365 as Employees Work from Anywhere? - sponsored by AvePoint

This digital roundtable with industry peers will focus on the key challenges and opportunities for HR and operational leaders as they seek to use data and new technologies to engage and retain the very best financial services talent as they build their hybrid workplace culture.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Work from anywhere: How are HR leaders in financial services using data and technology to engage employees in the world of hybrid work? - sponsored by Ceridian

The pandemic prompted the biggest shift in working practices in the last 50 years in less than 50 days, but as hybrid working looks set to become the future, banks and FSIs are taking different approaches, with the likes of HSBC and Schroders fully embracing flexible working while employers such as Goldman Sachs will ask staff to return to their desks.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Risk Within: How are FSIs using analytics and automated technologies to combat insider fraud? - sponsored by Bottomline

This digital roundtable with industry peers will explore key challenges for financial services providers as they tackle insider fraud in a constantly changing risk landscape.

FStech Digital Roundtable: ISO 20022 and the transformation of real-time cross border payments: Are you ready? - sponsored by Bottomline

The explosion of growth in cross-border payments has driven profound changes for financial institutions (FIs) in the UK & Europe, with many still dependent on complex correspondent banking relationships which offer limited visibility into the status, costs, certainty and location of payments.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Data Compliance Dilemma: What are the best strategies for leveraging data and automation in FSIs whilst managing compliance and regulatory risk? - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara

Compliance risk has always been a key source of concern for FSIs. But the increasingly onerous demands of regulation such as 6AMLD, alongside the data protection requirements of GDPR and the growing sophistication of cyber criminals, have made the risk landscape increasingly complex.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Modern Data Dilemma: How are FSIs using real-time data and automation to provide more personalised customer experiences while managing digital transformation risk? - sponsored by Confluent 

This digital roundtable with industry peers will focus on the key challenges and opportunities for FSIs as they attempt to leverage real-time data to engage customers, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Data-led disruption: How are FS providers using data-driven decision making and automation to fuel growth while minimising risk? - sponsored by Experian

This digital roundtable will explore key challenges and solutions for FS providers as they look to harness data and automated technologies to optimise customer journeys, manage risk and fuel growth at a time of disruption.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Data Innovation Dilemmas: How can FSIs Accelerate Development of Digital Services While Keeping Customer Data Safe? - sponsored by Comforte

Digital transformation and migrating existing workloads to the cloud while refactoring applications to cloud native methods already posed an intimidating set of challenges for FSIs, particularly while working within the confines of regulations such as GDPR and MIFID II.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Race to Data in the Cloud: How can FSIs Use Cloud Data Architectures to Accelerate Transformation While Mitigating Risk and Vendor Lock-In? - sponsored by Couchbase

As the economy becomes ever more digitised, financial services providers are rushing to control the vast data flows needed to power their operations, with many looking to cloud data transformation as a solution. However, as the shift to cloud accelerates, many are finding that the costs of settling on a strategy or provider that does not work for their organisation can be extremely high.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Race to Digital: How are FSIs Leveraging DevSecOps and Other Practices to Meet Rising Demand for Digital in a Security-Conscious World? - sponsored by Synopsys

With customers leading increasingly digital lifestyles, financial institutions are under intense pressure to develop, test and rollout new products and services at pace— or risk losing their market share and top talent to more agile competitors.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Digital Shift: How are Financial Services Firms Managing Data Risk and Security Amid the Rise of the Digital Workplace? - sponsored by AvePoint

This digital roundtable will explore how financial services firms can make the most out of digital collaboration tools to tackle a host of emerging challenges including security, regulatory and risk management needs as the industry adapts to the long-term impact of the digital workplace. 

FStech Digital Roundtable: Digital workforce: Why is data-driven technology the next frontier in the battle for top talent? - sponsored by Ceridian

This roundtable will delve into the key challenges for HR teams in financial institutions as they seek to use digital technologies to transform processes such as payroll, holiday and legal and free up time for more human-focussed tasks while giving employees greater control.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Always-on data: How are financial services firms using automation and data-driven technologies to meet customer demand for real-time digital services? - sponsored by Mendix

This roundtable will explore the concept of data virtualisation within financial services and assess the key challenges and pain points for firms as they look to modernise IT infrastructure, leverage data insights and fuel faster application development in a bid to keep up with the FinTech challengers.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The race to innovate: can data-driven technology speed up transformation in a time of disruption? - sponsored by Couchbase

The pandemic has accelerated many changes already underway in the financial services industry, with digital transformation, moves from on-premise to cloud storage, and upgrades to both back office tech and user experience of mobile apps all being prioritised as consumers and the workforce move online.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Defend, Attack or Embrace? - BigTech and the future of financial services - sponsored by MicroStrategy

This virtual roundtable will bring together industry peers to discuss the opportunities and pain-points facing financial services firms as they explore digital transformation strategies, assess the BigTech threat and adapt to a rapidly changing technology landscape. 

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Cloud Dilemma: Choosing strategies for adoption - sponsored by Computacenter and Dell Technologies

Public, private, multi-cloud and hybrid strategies are being scrutinised across the industry as incumbent institutions race to keep up with more nimble FinTech disruptors. But despite the increased power in the hands of the buyer, the choice available in today’s public and private cloud market - with different geographic, consumption and cost models - ensures a successful strategy is far from straightforward.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Capital Markets: How to mitigate risk in an age of uncertainty - sponsored by InterSystems

Having operational resilience and risk mitigation strategies in place, coupled with stable and flexible technology, can mean the difference between beating the competition to contracts, maintaining public trust and staying on the right side of the regulator.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Data Modernisation Challenge: Can modern architecture convert data into customer value? - sponsored by Pure Storage

This digital roundtable with industry peers will explore the role of data and cloud native applications in digital transformation across financial services, examining key pain points and possible solutions in building modern data architecture.

FStech Digital Roundtable: The Digitalisation Challenge: How are banks managing rising demand for digital services while making the shift to the cloud? - sponsored by Red Hat

As customers demand digital services and staff continue to work from home, some organisations are turning to cloud technology – featuring a mix of public, private and on-premise – to help modernise their systems with the speed, flexibility and security required to see them through the disruption of the coming months.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Not all threats are equal: can financial services reduce cyber risk through automation? - sponsored by Rapid7

As the Coronavirus drives a rapid shift towards remote working, with employees logging on via unsecure networks and devices, financial services firms have become a target for cyber criminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities. As a result, a company is only as secure as the weakest endpoint in its remotely connected environment

FStech Digital Roundtable: The cost of non-compliance: how are firms leveraging data to reduce risk and keep the regulators happy? - sponsored by  ibi (Information Builders)

The rise in remote working has put the spotlight on companies knowing where their data is and who is using it. But as compliance teams rush out new information governance strategies, regulators also expect financial services firms to remain vigilant over the risks of fraud and financial crime - and the cost of non-compliance remains high.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Future-Proofing Insurance: How digital transformation is preparing providers for the next generation (Netherlands) - sponsored by ibi (Information Builders)
Many providers who had been at the start of their digital transformation strategies are now moving urgently to catch up with their more nimble insurtech rivals in the race to leverage digital platforms, process claims faster and meet demand for more personalised services.

FStech Digital Roundtable: Insurance Disrupted: Reducing risk through digital transformation in the era of Covid-19 (UK) - sponsored by ibi
As the COVID-19 has advanced across continents, upending livelihoods, cancelling travel and impacting our health, global insurance firms are facing a tidal wave of claims as businesses and individuals look to shield themselves from disruption and fraudsters look to exploit uncertainty. 

FStech Digital Roundtable:Defending a multi-cloud environment - identifying and mitigating risk - sponsored by Akamai
As reports of devastating cyber attacks and data breaches become a daily occurrence, financial services firms run the risk of ever steeper regulatory fines and losing crucial consumer trust. As a result, it has never been more important to ensure that data is secure in the cloud. 

FStech Roundtable: Know your data: the cost of non-compliance - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara
With the risk of fines and associated reputational damage rising, a transformative approach to data governance and management is needed before the regulator comes knocking. In addition, a lack of data visibility and even lower rates of data intimacy - a deep understanding of the data in an organisation and how it can be monetised - is also holding businesses back from unlocking value.

FStech Roundtable: RegTech rising: How technology is shaping compliance - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara
While tech has evolved, regulatory intelligence and data management continue to present a significant obstacle for businesses as they look to grow into new jurisdictions and diversify product lines. This roundtable will provide an open but confidential discussion about how best to leverage emerging RegTech solutions to increase regulatory compliance.

FStech Roundtable: Powering Financial Services through Cloud - Building Effective Cloud Adoption Strategies - sponsored by HCL
As companies increasingly adopt data and customer experience driven business strategies, migrating to the cloud has become a major trend, aiming to reap the competitive advantages of faster time to market and cost efficiency. This event will look at the challenges, explore possible solutions and share best practices during an interactive session, which is both thought-provoking and focused on practical issues and opportunities.

FStech Roundtable: Third party data threat: are you next? - sponsored by Recorded Future
As firms increase their reliance on third party providers, they also increase the number of risks and vulnerabilities within their supply chain partners. But while the need for defence from external threats is ever more apparent, cybersecurity response can remain stuck in a silo.This industry event will dive into the world of cyber security intelligence, identifying the difference between proactive and reactive threat intelligence and investigate the use of contextualised threat intelligence to highlight the supply chain risks that firms need to be most vigilant about.

FStech Roundtable: Compliant in the cloud: developing a secure cloud infrastructure - sponsored by Rackspace
In order to keep up with the pace of change, financial services institutions are increasingly utilising cloud ecosystems, but with that transformation comes a whole host of new challenges around data security and regulatory compliance.While government departments are diving into public cloud, regulators are flagging concerns around cloud provider concentration risk, so it can be tough for organisations to know where they stand. Against this backdrop, a group of industry peers will look to share best practice around these regulatory challenges, discuss solutions and get a better idea of what the future holds for cloud adoption in financial services.

FStech Roundtable: Open Data: Overcoming Digital Transformation Challenges - sponsored by Information Builders
As the personal information sharing objectives of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) expand from banking to other financial services sectors, it will be those companies which offer a single view of user data that are able to acquire and retain customers.This roundtable will attempt to provide solutions to some of the biggest problems facing organisations as they transform legacy systems and digitise for the future.

NTN Roundtable: Humanising technology with robotic automation - sponsored by NICE
Companies from retail banking to telecoms, general insurance to the media, are looking for ways to automate key business functions, in order to improve customer relationships, ensure regulatory compliance and keep the workforce happy.

FStech Roundtable: How to mitigate in risk in insurance innovation - sponsored by Information Builders
Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are set to revolutionise the insurance industry, but without the right data management infrastructure to innovate on top of, any new digital transformations are doomed to failure. Board members across financial services are green-lighting innovation projects driven by these buzzwords, keen to keep up with FinTech challengers. However, many will be unaware of the risk to these investments from not having the proper foundations in place.

FStech Roundtable: Success in the cloud: overcoming roadblocks to agile IT transformation - sponsored by Rackspace
In an increasingly data-driven world, the move to the cloud can pose a major challenge for UK financial services firms – especially those running legacy IT infrastructure. The shift from data centres to cloud - and from legacy systems to the new generation of digital financial platforms - can be costly, time consuming and resource-intensive for organisations and those tasked with leading the transformation. 

FStech Roundtable: What's driving your data transformation - sponsored by Delphix
Data is the fuel powering today’s financial services ecosystem. The ability to convert it into competitive advantage securely and at speed is shaping up to be the next battle ground for customer acquisition, retention and market share. But with the changes required by regulations such as GDPR and MiFID II, along with the technological demands of digital transformation, many businesses are struggling to keep pace with their more nimble rivals. 

FStech Roundtable: Rethinking the Risk of IT Outsourcing - sponsored by Creative ITC
Keeping IT in-house can cause staffing headaches and drain investment from other areas, but outsourcing has its own set of risks – from regulatory responsibility to data security oversight and maintenance of on-site systems. This meeting of industry peers will examine the various due diligence questions businesses should ask, debate the pros and cons of different strategies being used, and assess the threats posed by political upheaval, cyber criminals and falling foul of the regulator.

FStech Roundtable: Open Data: Compliance and Challenges in Digital Transformation - sponsored by Information Builders
As the personal information sharing objectives of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and Open Banking expand into Open Data across financial services, it will be those companies which offer a single view that are able to acquire and retain customers. This roundtable will attempt to provide solutions to some of the biggest problems facing banks as they transform legacy systems to keep up with digitally-native startups.

FStech Roundtable: Enabling Machine Learning through Enterprise Data - sponsored by Hitachi Vantara
This gathering of industry peers will look at some of the well-understood and cutting edge machine learning use cases in financial services, along with discussion on how to meet the renewed demand for the quality data that these bold new initiatives will require.

FStech Roundtable: How the RBS Remedies Fund will drive innovation and transform services for SMEs - sponsored by Unisys
This sector is overdue some technology disruption, with many businesses only staying with their current bank due to inertia. But SMEs will only make that move if new tech brings the opportunity for mutual partnerships to develop effective propositions.

FStech Roundtable: Digital Disruption in Insurance - sponsored by Citrix
The tech-driven approach of new startups is starting to rub off on industry incumbents, which are struggling to revamp historic IT platforms. For those willing to invest the time and money, there are huge advances to be made though, leveraging things like machine learning, big data and cloud computing to give consumers what they want – cheaper and easier.

FStech Roundtable: Unified Communications in Financial Services - sponsored by Daisy
Today’s consumer is living in the age of hyperconnectivity. If they aren’t arranging payment to friends via a mobile banking app or placing orders on an online marketplace, they are communicating with colleagues across the globe via an enterprise messaging system. 

FStech Roundtable: Intelligent data protection and detection - sponsored by Nuix
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) made everyone more aware of their obligations around proper personal data use, but financial services firms were already working through separate compliance challenges, from MiFID II to the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

FStech Roundtable: Where compliance policy meets technology - sponsored by Hitachi
This roundtable will provide an open but confidential discussion about how firms are leveraging emerging technologies to increase the effectiveness of regulatory compliance and supervision, with key learning points about how to leverage the power of natural language processing and machine learning to implement continuous capture of regulatory change, as well as managing the mapping between derived policies and the underlying technology workflow required to implement effective data controls.

FStech Roundtable: Intelligence led security - sponsored by FireEye
Financial institutions are a common target for cyber criminals, with some of the most damaging breaches appearing in the public eye, quickly ruining hard-earned reputations and costing millions from the bottom line. Security needs to be viewed as a process that constantly evolves over time, in response to the changing threat landscape and new technology.

FStech Roundtable: Visibility in digital experience - sponsored by Riverbed
With advances in digital services and interactions, if financial services organisations are found to be lacking in the tech department, they will quickly find themselves losing valuable customers. How to stay ahead of consumer demand and ensure the best experience?

FStech Roundtable: Taking stock, a month on from GDPR - sponsored by OpenText
Almost a month after the intrdoduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) what’s changed in financial services under the new rules?

FStech Roundtable: Is GDPR the End of Big Data Analytics, Cloud & Blockchain? - sponsored by Hitachi
Financial service organisations increasingly rely on decentralised/distributed activities like Big Data analytics, cloud processing and blockchain to generate new value, differentiate themselves from competitors, and create economies of scale.

FStech Roundtable: Driving Quality@Speed in a Digital Age - sponsored by Cognizant
Customers now demand products and services of high quality, right at the time of need. As a response, banking and financial service organisations have developed a suite of digital channels, and implemented massive changes in the way they conduct business.

FStech Roundtable: FinTech & Regtech, Let’s Talk Supervision: Freedom with Responsibility - sponsored by Actiance
How can you control communications in an age of social media, messaging and mobile? Under increasing scrutiny from regulators and new methods of transmission, the need to be compliant and the ability to do so are moving further apart.

FStech Roundtable: Fintech and RegTech, a valuable partnership - sponsored by Hitachi
Financial service organisations face increasing challenges with their regulatory obligations, and fragmented manual systems can lack meaningful enough data for transparency and reporting. Digitisation, automation, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and predictive capabilities all provide potential solutions, but if incorrectly applied the cure can be worse than the disease.

FStech Roundtable: Smart Marketing in the Highly Regulated Financial Services Sector
Increased regulation and advances in technology are forcing marketing professionals of financial services firms to adapt. How has marketing changed over the years? What are the issues facing marketeers and can technology really shape the future of the sector?

FStech Debate: Post-Brexit Financial Services 
The implications for financial services and technology in a post-Brexit environment could be huge. Renegotiations between the UK and the EU are likely to be a long and complex process. What are the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and how can financial institutions prepare in this uncertain time? How will the rise of technology influence change in this period?

FStech Roundtable: Digital Inside Out
Britain is moving towards becoming a ‘digital first’ nation, but how is this trend affecting end-to-end digitisation within financial services, and what does it mean for businesses in the sector, their customers and their employees?

FStech Roundtable: The Workplace of 2020
During a period of unprecedented disruption for financial institutions, technology investments have often been focused on customer-facing IT. But how are FS organisations responding to workplace changes, and looking at how technology can meet current and future employee requirements?

FStech Roundtable: Modernising Legacy Systems Whilst Driving Innovation
Many financial service companies are embarking on core transformation projects. However, modernising legacy systems is often a heavy, slow and problematic process, with compliance requirements and data complexity adding a further layer of difficulty. If firms fail to deliver the programmes designed to unlock innovation, they risk falling behind.