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The modern data dilemma: How are FSIs using real-time data and automation to provide more personalised customer experiences while managing digital transformation risk?  

Sponsored by Confluent
Tuesday 2nd November 2021, 12:30

In the on-demand economy, customers are able to access personalised offers for loans, credit cards and insurance deals at the click of a button. But as a new generation of FinTechs continues to roll out innovative products and services at breakneck speed, the pace of change is straining the technical teams of more established FSIs, who are under pressure to keep up – or risk losing their market share.

Delivering rich, highly personalised experiences on the front-end requires the right data to be visible, aggregated and available on the back end. But as customers increasingly transact online and on mobile apps, FSIs are tasked with processing millions of omnichannel data events in real-time. Adding to these challenges, fraud prevention and AML requirements have become increasingly complex. Meanwhile, the regulators are stepping up scrutiny, meaning real-time detection is now key to compliance.

To tackle these challenges, some FSIs are turning to real-time data platforms, which consolidate data and leverage automation to build complete data visibility. This roundtable with industry peers will focus on the key challenges and opportunities for FSIs as they attempt to leverage real-time data to engage customers and reduce risk.

Topics for discussion

  • What are the main challenges FSIs are facing when it comes to rolling out digital products and services based on real-time data?

  • What role can real-time data play in speeding up online transactions and optimising customer experience?

  • What challenges are FSIs facing when re-architecting legacy infrastructure to meet customer needs?

  • What strategies are FSIs using to unify data from disparate sources across the business?

  • What kinds of operations and processes are most reliant on real-time data?

  •  How are technologies such as Apache Kafka ® influencing the growth of personalisation?

  • How are FSIs using AI and machine learning to provide personalisation across apps and digital services?

  • How are FSIs deploying real-time data visibility to mitigate fraud and compliance risks?


12:30 – 12:40   Editor’s Welcome
12:40 – 14:00   Topic Discussion

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