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Payments Conference

13 October 2016


Payments in 2016 are extremely diverse and ever-changing within the industry. New innovations and the demand for mobile payments have meant that the sector has had to change dramatically over the years to meet the demand of the public on a global scale.

For retailers and banks alike the need to connect with their audience whilst dealing with online threats is an everyday occurrence. These businesses need to be able to communicate effectively with the customer to ensure they are constantly connected to a convenient way to pay whether this be online or through contactless payment which is proving to be a huge trend.

But how is this big trend affecting the overall level of service where demand is so high, but customer loyalty may be at an all-time low? Twenty one million British consumers would switch banks to access mobile payments, according to recent research from Zapp. Forty four per cent would switch accounts if their current bank was unable to offer this and had no plans to do so. Of these, a third would do so within a year.

Pushing through the media as the new demand for 2016 is Blockchain, with Bitcoin proving it’s worth and more virtual currencies being used globally, has the idea of these online funds reached their peak of usage, or as a population do we see a potential increase to the demand to use them further.  

Issues considered include:
- The changes in regulation of Fintech and its rise in popularity
- Transforming the payments sector through the eyes of start-ups
- Blockchain and the expectations of virtual currencies
- The threat of fraud and security breach with new payment methods


Delegate Day Rate: £99 + VAT
Vendor Day Rate: £199 + VAT

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