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Customer communications in focus: How are FS providers driving automation and taking personalisation in customer communications across digital channels to the next level?   

Sponsored by OpenText
Thursday 9th June 2022
City Social, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HQ

The last two years have triggered a fundamental shift in how banks, insurers and financial organisations communicate with millions of customers and clients. Whereas before bills, statements and letters were sent via post, today’s customer wants to access documents at the time and on a digital channel of their choosing.

Customers also expect their interactions to be personalised and data-rich, ideally making use of new technologies such as QR codes or embedded links. For regulated entities, customer communications must also be compliant, or risk heavy regulatory backlash. And if customers find themselves frustrated, the next generation of FinTech and BigTech challengers are only too willing to step in and deliver.

As a result, FS providers are under rising pressure to roll out new digital and mobile-enabled customer communications to drive engagement, while continuing to provide personalised service to those that require more traditional, paper-based communications. To meet these challenges- and straddle the omnichannel divide- many financial services providers are turning to centralised customer communications platforms, which use AI and digitization to automate customer communications and drive efficiencies.

This roundtable with senior industry peers will explore the key challenges for financial services providers as they look to use data and automation to build the future of omnichannel customer communications.

Topics for discussion:

•How have customer communications channels changed in the last 2 years, and how do customers now expect to interact with their FS provider?

•What are the key challenges in Customer Communications Management (CCM) for FSIs as customers switch to digital channels?

•Which channels, including e-mail, SMS, online and digital statements are currently a priority for FS providers?

•What are the key roadblocks for FS providers in providing a personalised and seamless customer communications journey?

•How are FS providers maintaining traditional communications for one customer or client segment and a digital-first approach for another segment in the era of omnichannel?

•What are the major compliance challenges in CCM for financial services providers?

•How are practices such as closed loop communications and channel shift techniques adding value for customers and creating potential for additional revenue streams?

Timings for the evening:

18:00 – 18:30        Welcome and refreshments 
18:30 – 20:00        Introduction to fellow guests and roundtable discussion 
20:00 onwards     Complimentary three-course dinner

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