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How to enter

Please note: nominations close on 16 DECEMBER 2010

A completed entry will include:

    1. A completed entry form with full contact details (both for the person nominating and the nominated organisation/person). Please make your submission via the website entry form

    2. A brief summary of the project’s aims and results should be included at the beginning of the submission, which will be used to describe the entry if it is shortlisted. The summary should be no more than 50 words

    3. A supporting statement of no more than 1,000 words, together with a company logo (300dpi or EPS format), can be uploaded via the entry form. This should outline the type of technology involved, the specific requirements of the project, and the end result in terms of business benefits to the company

    4. Two pieces of supporting material may be uploaded with the awards entry for consideration by the judges. This is optional, and for supporting evidence only

    5. A previous winning entry can be viewed here– please use this as a style guide for your submission

    6. We may receive nominations from anyone who has responsibility for information technology management or strategy within a financial institution, or from service suppliers, press officers, PRs or consultants representing them. All shortlisted entries will be listed under the name of the financial institution, with any partners included in the 50-word project summary

    7. A clear timeframe must be stated in the submission. The project should have been launched or come to fruition in 2010/2011

Click here for an entry form

In the event of any questions, please contact Awards Manager Emilia Alvarez
on 020 7562 2439 or at