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The FST Awards 2011 Shortlist

Compliance project of the year

This will reward the most effective compliance project by a financial services provider. Nominations may be for a single project or for an overall strategy. The winning entry will be able to demonstrate how the strategic use of technology has enabled compliance with governmental regulations, such as MiFID, SEPA, Basel III, the anti-money laundering protocols, or the raft of new rules introduced post-crunch (e.g. liquidity requirements). Submissions should show how the compliance strategy adds business benefits and furthers the organisation’s opportunities for future success.

National Australia Group Europe (NAGE)

Financial Services Compensation Scheme project has been branded “Enterprise Data Foundations” to reflect the approach being taken to deliver sustainable foundations for an enterprise-wide Customer Hub. This will provide a “Single Source of Truth” for all customer data attributes, providing a “Golden Customer Record” an industry challenge for a number of years.

Winterflood securities - Vocal Mobile

As a leading emerging technology, Vocal Mobile meets FSA mobile taping requirements using a patented, compliant mobile phone recording solution. With automated compulsory recording of calls, voicemail and SMS texts, it can be deployed either as a hosted or on-premise solution and large scale deployments are already underway across Europe.