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The FST Awards 2011 Shortlist

Systems integration project of the year

This award will recognise the most effective project to integrate disparate systems by a financial services provider. Projects involving the integration of legacy systems into e-business projects will be eligible for entry, as will projects to integrate systems from different businesses, whether to facilitate operations with business partners or in the aftermath of a company merger. The project can be of any size. Nominations may be for a single project or an overall strategy. The winning entry will be able to demonstrate how the strategic use of technology has brought their company cost benefits, improved internal processes, enhanced customer service (where applicable) and helped further that organisation’s opportunities for future business success.

Credit Suisse- MarginTrac

MarginTrac is a real-time margining and reporting application for FX Prime Brokerage and is a key element of the build out for FX Prime Brokerage at Credit Suisse, forming part of the One Bank FX programme. The Project started in late 2009 and went live to external clients in October 2010.

Deutsche Bank AG - Content Integration Portal project

The new website for is an important milestone for Deutsche Bank’s online business. The project introduced a new architecture that enables flexible administration, multi-client support and efficient integration of internal and external content. Core is a revolutionary cooperation of the new portal engine with the content management system.

ING – Data Management technology management centre project

The Data Management technology management centre is one of the success stories within the regional transformation programme that ING Insurance Central and Rest of Europe established to implement technology solutions to support sustainable growth. The DM TMC has pioneered data integration, reusability and cost effectiveness on a European regional scale.

Lloyds Banking Group plc – integration partnership project

Following the acquisition of HBOS in 2009, Lloyds TSB became the UK’s largest banking group, serving one in three citizens. It embarked on a group-wide system integration to prepare for the largest migration of customer accounts in UK banking history. Lloyds Banking Group worked with Cognizant to make this happen.

Lloyds Banking Group – Wholesale Markets and Treasury & Trading business project

Lloyds Banking Group’s Wholesale Markets and Treasury & Trading business overcame the challenge of integrating distributed modular storage environments from two of the UK’s largest banks. Following a merger, it created a centralised, virtualised strategic environment to manage over 1PB of data and met business requirements to support sustainable growth.

National Australia Group Europe (NAGE) - Retail CAIS Project 2009/10

The Retail CAIS Project 2009/10 was a project initiated to meet regulatory requirements to share customer information, improve the quality of credit decisions and reduce risk for the Banks and Customers. In a climate of extreme change and uncertainty the project achieved significant additional benefits through merging three very different technical systems.

Nationwide - SQL Server Migration Initiative

In June, Nationwide completed a database consolidation project; involving migrating over 600 production databases and 170 systems off aging platforms to secure significant savings in costs, whilst improving reliability and advancing Nationwide’s sustainability goals. Through the data centre transformation Nationwide has crucially created a platform for future growth and stability.