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The FST Awards 2011 Shortlist

Most innovative data intelligence product of the year

This award will recognise a technology supplier that has delivered innovation to the financial sector, through a particular product, service offering or overall business approach in the field of data. This is a new category, designed to recognise those firms that have responded to market pressures with originality and creativity. Details of product development should be provided as far as possible, and applicants should demonstrate implementation and performance of the product.

Business Systems (UK) Ltd

Market Detect breaks the mould of trading surveillance systems with intelligent learning capability and a service delivery element which focuses on customising the product to suit compliance and market requirements. Incorporating powerful analytics tools and predictive technology, it can be delivered flexibly on a pay-as-you-go basis to suit most budgets.


The Callcredit Affordability Suite is the first and only solution in the market that addresses a major issue identified by our key clients in the UK: over-indebtedness. Before this was introduced, lenders and regulators traditionally focused on the risk of a customer defaulting by looking at a customer’s payment history before making lending decisions.


The Fidessa Fragmentation Index and Fragulator® are web-based tools that allow you to measure and track the fragmentation of liquidity across equity markets. During 2010, these analysis tools were expanded from a European remit to cover the US, Canada, Asia and Japan, providing a transparent picture of global liquidity fragmentation.


PensionsFirst provides advanced risk management services to the defined benefit (DB) pensions industry. Through PFaroe, a web-based service launched in November 2009 that delivers fast, accurate and up-to-date pension scheme information, PensionsFirst aims to transform the way pension scheme sponsors and trustees take control of their pension risk.

Quartet FS

In 2010, Quartet FS brought its ActivePivot for Value at Risk (VaR) solution to market to help financial institutions’ risk managers to obtain a clear picture of their position in real-time, by tracking ongoing activity and events and drawing on the right information, to make informed decisions faster and with greater confidence. Unlike other OLAP or Business Intelligence tools available, ActivePivot allows for true real-time updating and does not rely on a database.

Rule Financial

Every business uses Excel. Excel does not offer an effective real-time mechanism for sharing cell contents. The Rule Financial Collaborator allows the multi-directional communication of Excel data to other Excel users and even Mobiles devices. Sharing data in real-time via the Collaborator enhances productivity and helps processes run efficiently.


Financial services firms face exploding data volumes that increase latency and strain already taxed applications and infrastructure yet their critical environments are a mass of legacy systems, duplicate assets and unknown dependencies. Firms must find innovative ways to understand the chaos to boost performance, capacity, and trading operations without significant investment in new systems.