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The FST Awards 2011 Shortlist

Cloud computing innovation of the year

This category will recognise excellence in the area of cloud computing for 2010/11. Judges will look at new strategies, evidence of success by utilising the cloud, and case studies where applicable. The winning entry will demonstrate how the cloud computing innovation has brought customers cost and efficiency benefits

BT Group plc

Delivered using the BT Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure, BT’s cloud services are designed to meet financial services customers’ exacting requirements in areas such as security, performance and regulatory compliance.


In 2010 FFastFill have brought to market a fully global platform that enables front and middle office services, a global vendor agnostic orderbook and a global SPAN calculated risk view. The platform is delivered to clients in a cost effective SaaS format to small and large institutions alike.


GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform supports real-time analytics with a single solution because its in-memory data grid enables any type of analysis on terabytes of data, no matter how resource-intensive. It allows applications to be developed for the data center or the private cloud without a single code change, ensuring maximum resource utilization.


80% of enterprises consider security the number one inhibitor to cloud adoption. Through Access:One, Pirean have developed an innovative approach to these challenges; designed to secure Cloud environments through leveraging an organisations existing security infrastructure. Access:One increases security, reduces cost and simplifies the complex task of Identity and Access management.

In the financial services sector, service provision is of paramount importance. The recent economic conditions have meant that financial organisations have had to re-evaluate and streamline many IT related projects that have been designed to assist the organisation in service delivery and service management.

The Bunker

In September 2010 The Bunker launched its Secure Hybrid Cloud solution. Designed by renowned security experts to meet the needs of the UK financial service sector and other security conscious industries, this unique cloud solution provides all the benefits of cloud computing and removes the security flaws found in public clouds.