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The FST Awards 2011 Shortlist

Best use of IT in insurance

This award will recognise the most effective use of IT in improving business processes in the insurance sector. Nominations may be for a single project or for an overall strategy. The winning entry will demonstrate how the strategic use of technology has brought their company cost benefits, improved internal processes, enhanced customer service (where applicable) and helped further that organisation’s opportunities of future business success.

Ageas Insurance Solutions (AIS)

Ageas Insurance Solutions (AIS) is one of the UK’s leading personal lines insurance brokers. The company, which currently insures more than 1 million customers through its own brands and various affinity partnerships, has used technology to transform the way it engages with its customers. Against a challenging economic environment, the eStream Service Transformation Project has introduced significant process improvements that have delivered dramatic cost savings, increased customer retention and helped drive strong income growth.

Generali Deutschland Gruppe

Today, most insurers manage risk data within each discipline without a cohesive view of the exposure throughout the business. Anticipated changes in the regulatory and financial reporting environment related to Solvency II (EU), SAM (S. Africa), and IFRSPrinciples-based approach (US), will require that insurers integrate risk operations and implement an enterprise level of governance and control for processes and data management that is fully transparent and auditable. This will require the implementation of a comprehensive ERM framework that enables sound risk decisions. iWorks ERM helps actuaries and executives align risk-based decisions with business goals by enabling a 360° view of risk data, powered by advanced analytics, to promote improved risk management through greater visibility, transparency, and control. Effective ERM also requires people, processes and technology. iWorks ERM helps insurers realize the benefits of a cohesive risk management organization and supports improved collaboration and communication throughout the insurance enterprise.


The Data Management technology management centre is one of the success stories within the regional transformation programme that ING Insurance Central and Rest of Europe established to implement technology solutions to support sustainable growth. The DM TMC has pioneered data integration, reusability and cost effectiveness on a European regional scale.

Thistle Insurance Services Limited

The Jardine Lloyd Thompson Business Insurance Services (JLT BIS) website enables businesses to quickly establish the insurance cover they require, offering significant cost savings. The integrated workflow system has transformed internal processes delivering enhanced customer service, ensuring JLT maintains the reputation it has built up as a high street broker.