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The FST Awards 2011 Shortlist

Anti-fraud/security strategy of the year

This award will recognise the best internal or external anti-fraud/security strategy implemented by a financial services provider to protect the customer from phishing, ID theft or similarly fraudulent scams, or a financial institution from service attacks or money laundering. The winning entry will demonstrate how anti-fraud technology, such as biometrics or two-factor authentication solutions, and processes have helped protect the end user and comply with regulations. The judges will regard the application of technology to create business benefits as being of equal importance to the degree of protection and innovation present in the IT solution.

Credit Suisse

The Third Party Vendor Assessment project delivered a global standard mechanism to identify and manage the risk of vendors handling Credit Suisse data. The project was initiated in February 2010 and completed with the tools and processes delivered in October 2010 resulting in 40 vendor reviews being initiated in November.

Nationwide Building Society

With its origins lying in the Provident Union Building Society established in Wiltshire in 1846, Nationwide is now the largest building society in the world. It is UK's third largest mortgage lender, second largest savings provider and is committed to remaining mutual.


The Santander Group has reduced identity theft driven account takeovers amongst its Internet banking customers to less than 25% market share of reported account takeovers. Its exceptionally effective ethos is to defend the customer as well as the bank, via an end-to-end holistic system of systems

SNS Bank

FIS has been working with SNS Bank since January 2008 on fraud prevention strategies and technology. This particular initiative began in December 2009, when emerging types of fraud caused unacceptable losses. During this project, FIS and SNS Bank succeeded in reducing losses to fraud by 89 percent from 2009 levels.