Finablr partners Alipay for cross-border remittances

Finablr and Alipay have announced a global partnership for cross-border remittances.

Alipay users will get seamless access through Finablr’s omnichannel network through its trusted global brands Xpress Money, Travelex, Unimoni and UAE Exchange, while Finablr becomes one of the first cross-border remittance partners for Alipay, which serves more than 1.2 billion people globally together with its local e-wallet partners.

The first phase of the partnership has been completed with the integration of the Finablr platform with Ant Financial’s remittance system. The two companies are exploring the extension of the remittance service to Ant Financial’s ecosystem remittance network, including Alipay’s global e-wallet partners.

The duo will also explore other areas of collaboration in technology innovation, including digital gifting and driving efficiencies through the Ant Blockchain Information System.

Promoth Manghat, group chief executive of Finablr, said: “Together we seek to empower the financial aspirations of billions of consumers with enhanced access and convenience for their cross-border payments needs.”

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