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Friday 19 October 2018


Societe Generale hires new UK head of innovation

Written by Chris Lemmon

Anthony Wooley has been announced as the new head of innovation for the UK arm of Societe Generale.

In his new role, Wooley will be responsible for strengthening connections between Societe Generale and the FinTech sector in order to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies across the organisation and to leverage the bank’s financial services expertise with industry innovations in financial technology.

Taking a client-focused approach, Wooley will also extend the existing dialogue with clients on the impacts of digital transformation on their businesses and ensure that Societe Generale supports them in these new opportunities by providing tailor made solutions.

Wooley commented: “Working with an open innovation approach is key for Societe Generale, as innovation is a strategic priority for the Group to add value to clients. Collaboration between different stakeholders in the industry can be very beneficial for all parties. For example, innovative FinTech firms can experience challenges gaining access to a sector that is complex and has high barriers to entry.”

Aymeril Hoang, head of innovation for the group, added: “This newly created innovation function within the UK is an extension of the Group worldwide innovation platform and part of Societe Generale’s strategy of accelerating its digital transformation to be more agile in a changing environment and intensify its contacts with the FinTech ecosystem.”

Based in London, he will report jointly to Philippe Robeyns, chief operating officer EMEA and Aymeril Hoang.

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