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Tuesday 19 February 2019


Revolut rolls out app store for business banking

Written by Chris Lemmon

Digital challenger bank Revolut has unveiled Connect – a new app store for business customers to connect the tools and apps they use on a daily basis.

The Connect store will enable customers to link their accounting software, budget software and other apps for tax, payroll, expense management and more, to streamline operations and process payments instantly.

Following the launch of the bank’s Open API earlier this year, Revolut is now making the API available to developers, enabling them to leverage its capabilities to create their own integrations and apps to improve the customer experience.

In a statement, the bank said: “One of the things that banks have traditionally been famous for is their inability to open up to the outside world. In the past this could have been justified by the need to keep gold coins in thick-walled vaults, but this attitude hasn't evolved to the way businesses work today.

“Modern businesses live and operate online, using a wide variety of apps and tools to streamline operations, best serve customers and process payments instantly - with as few fees as possible. We listened to what people wanted and built Revolut for Business to help companies simplify their workflows.”

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