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Thursday 22 August 2019


Bank customers ‘ignoring’ internet security

Written by Michelle Stevens

At a time when cyber security has never been more important, a quarter of Brits are still banking online using devices that have no security protection software.

That’s according to a survey of 1,000 internet users, conducted by ESET, which found that while 59 per cent used online banking services, 11 per cent knowingly did so without any security protection, while another 12 per cent had no idea whether there was any solution in place on the device they were using.

The study also revealed that people mainly used their online banking service to check the status of their accounts. Home networks were the most popular log-in portals, used by 82 per cent, while only four per cent logged into their bank account via public WiFi networks. But some 16 per cent of respondents also said they would view their accounts from any device available – including possibly unchecked devices such as work computers, work phones or public PCs.

Mark James, a security specialist at ESET, commented: “While it’s really positive to see that the majority of Brits do have security software on the devices they bank online with, I still feel concerned for the other 11 per cent who could be unwittingly opening up their bank account to attack. It is also worrying to see that so many people admit to logging into online bank accounts from any device they have available. This could also open them up to risks as they will not be 100 per cent sure the device has any security protection or that is hasn’t already been compromised.”

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