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Sunday 21 April 2019


'Game changer' SMC4 unveiled

Written by Scott Thompson

Integritie has launched SMC4, pitched as the world’s first social media content management tool. Financial organisations can utilise it to engage with stakeholders and customers through social media in accordance with guidelines outlined by the FSA, SEC and FINRA.

Michael Veenswyk, managing director, Integritie says: “Compliance legislation requires financial institutions to be incredibly cautious with their communication with the outside world, and as a result there has been markedly slow uptake of social media in the sector. SMC4 changes all this, allowing organisations to communicate where their stakeholders are now listening, while adhering to regulatory requirements.”

The tool also enables measurement of impact, engagement, reach and ROI of social media marketing initiatives. Detailed analytics enable financial services firms to compile and mine rich customer analytical data, providing valuable demographic information. It also enables social media integration with companywide workflows. This means that, for example, a complaint made through Facebook is routed into the same workflow that is responsible for managing complaints through any other communications medium.

Veenswyk adds: “Communication has evolved and businesses that fail to embrace social media will get left behind as consumers’ social expectations continue to escalate. That is why SMC4 is a genuine game changer – it fast tracks the communications strategy of financial organisations, putting it on par with industry leaders across all sectors. Social cannot be ignored and the banks, treasuries and insurance bodies that get to grips with it, in a compliant fashion, will reap the benefits.”

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