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Sunday 21 October 2018


Garanti Bank installs new analytics tech

Written by Anthony Strzalek

Garanti Bank, Turkey’s second largest private bank, has selected analytics technology from NICE to boost efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure greater regulatory adherence.

Within just two months of implementation, the bank reduced complaints by almost 15 per cent and increased customer satisfaction in the collection department, according to Garanti.

With the NICE solution Garanti Bank is able to quickly and accurately detect complaint and risk of churn among its late paying customers, as well as regulatory compliance errors.

With this data, supervisors are able to guide agents to take timely preventive or corrective action before customer issues develop.

NICE's analytics capabilities have also facilitated more effective agent evaluations, with 20 percent more calls being evaluated and automated reports delivered to the relevant stakeholders.

The dashboard and in-depth analytics provide quality assurance teams with detailed information on KPIs such as average handle time, holds, call transfers, silence ratios per call, misinformed calls, and non-authenticated calls.

Teoman Alponat, senior vice president retail collection for Garanti Bank, said: “We are just at the beginning of the road with the NICE Analytics solution and we have already seen impressive results. Not only have we decreased customer complaints, but the quality assurance and contact centre teams are also saving valuable time.

“Our quality management procedures have been revolutionised, with the conserved resources invested back into customer service through high-value agent improvement.”

John O'Hara, president of NICE EMEA, added: “We are gratified that Garanti Bank chose NICE Analytics to reinvent its customer service. The impressive and rapid results the bank is seeing are reflective of the top-notch expertise and capabilities that NICE delivers to the banking industry to help companies mitigate demanding regulatory requirements while offering exceptional customer-facing services.”

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