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Friday 19 October 2018


CommBank defends cyber security policy

Written by Chris Lemmon

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has claimed reports that it is stepping back from cyber security are incorrect, stating that it is continuing to invest and grow its cyber security capability.

The announcement follows reports from national newspaper The Australian that CommBank was exploring options to outsource some cyber security work abroad in a money-saving move.

The bank responded: “As part of our responsibility to our customers and communities, we keep a close eye on the services and capabilities available to us. This is not about outsourcing our cyber team. It is about ensuring we have access to the best possible services and skills when we need it to complement our own cyber security expertise.

“We believe that securing Australia’s digital economy is a shared responsibility and we will continue to proactively work with business, government, academia and the general public.

“Cyber security is a rapidly evolving area with new services and new technologies being introduced all the time. We remain committed to being at the forefront of those activities by taking an innovative and collaborative approach.”

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